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Ruffoni steamer insert 20cm

Ruffoni steamer insert 20cm

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Use the steamer insert for all light and healthy fish, meats, and vegetable sides. Consider using a vegetable broth, chicken stock, or infused water as your steaming liquid to add a delicate additional flavor note as the food steams.

The steamer is also fundamental when it comes to cooking baos, gyozas and dumplings. Just rub the steamer with a thin layer of oil, set the timer and relax. Sometimes the most enjoyable recipes are also the simplest!

Designed for use with Opus PrimaOpus CupraSymphonia Primaand Symphonia Cupra

Entirely made of quality stainless steel, the steamer can be safely washed in the dishwasher.




Diameter: 8"
Height: 4.5"
Material: Stainless Steel 
Decorated handles to match the Opus Prima & Opus Cupra Collections
Fits: Large saucepans 99327, Soup pot 99315 & Soup pot 99266


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