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Vision and mission
Enjoy life, enjoy your sofa, enjoy Passe Partout,

We had this slogan from our start in 1998, and the more the story of Passe-Partout is written out, the more value this slogan actually acquires.
"Enjoy life. Don't we all want that? Carpe diem, seize the day. Enjoy every moment, every little happiness. Another slogan that we consider very important at Passe Partout: “don't just look at what you don't have, but also at what you do (already) have”.

We like people with passion. The energy they radiate, the twinkle in their eyes, their contagious talking, it gives motivation and energy to further develop our own story. In the journey of the Passe Partout story, we have had the pleasure of encountering several such people, mostly entrepreneurs, at home and abroad. Sometimes quite by chance, and those are usually the most interesting ones.

Our mission is to pass on our passion to our customers, who then pass it on to their customers. And our mission is only successful if that end customer can talk passionately about his purchase of a product from our collection. That he or she tells it in such a way that the sparkle can be seen in his / her eyes.

Our vision is that something beautiful does not necessarily have to be expensive. With our entire team, we are always looking for affordable yet high-quality products. We use this to develop our sofas for indoor and outdoor use, our tables, chairs, armchairs, carpets and much more. Anyone who wants to turn their house into a home will end up in a furniture store of their choice. There it is the shopkeepers and sellers who share our unique passion for interior 100%, who can make it the most fantastic 'home'. Bringing all this together and creating is only possible in and through a pleasant atmosphere, a pleasant team and pleasant relationships.

Enjoy life, enjoy your sofa, enjoy Passe Partout

Passé Partout collection